Griffith Violins


Born in Chatham, Ontario in 1976; I received my initial training during a four year period where I was a student of, and later an assistant to, renowned violin maker Raymond Schryer. Since 2003 I’ve been working independently, making and repairing instruments, and have furthered my skills by attending various workshops. In the summer of 2014 I moved to Kingston, Ontario and have since focused my efforts fully on making concert quality instruments. Because of this I can no longer offer repair services for instruments other than those I’ve made or sold.

My instruments are handcrafted entirely by myself using traditional methods and materials. They are based on classic Cremonese instruments, and I prefer to draw inspiration from these masterpieces rather than copy them with absolute precision. My style would be considered clean, though I am continually striving toward a more organic appearance. One that allows me to showcase my workmanship without appearing sterile and tedious. Of course my goal isn’t only to make attractive instruments, but to make ones that inspire musicians with a powerful, rich and dynamic tone. For this I am assisted by my wife, who is a professional violinist, and her ability to evaluate and provide feedback is invaluable to me.

Currently, I am not accepting commissions. Purchasing a fine instrument for performance use is a very personal decision. Because of this I believe that most players are best served by choosing from instruments that are ready and available for auditioning. This also allows me the freedom to make instruments that I am inspired to make, to explore ideas, and ultimately, to push the level of my work forward.

Should you be interested, my instruments are available for trial in Canada and the United States through select violin shops. Click the AVAILABLE tab above to see what's currently available.

After 23 years I remain passionate about making violins and encourage anyone interested in learning more about my instruments to contact me and I’d be happy to discuss my work in greater detail.